ladies of the inquisition

It's  been  a  long  time...

"I have traveled a long time, followed many roads and suffered much grief to find him. To learn his secrets before our enemies find us." ―Shao Jun regarding her search for Ezio Auditore.

I need a Pokeman pose. How does one pose?


Raymond Kenney and Defalt | R E V E N G E

Because revenge is all I haven't lost
You've taken everything I've ever loved
So give me
Blood, blood, blood!

Team Lad Action News messing with Ryan in AHWU #233

Assassin’s Creed Unity - Experience #2 Customization & Co-op Trailer 

bioware: no healing spells
fandom: get anders

"Ain’t no party like a bungalow party!"

"Ain’t no party like a bungalow party!"

Friend: Wanna hang out?
Me: Nah, sorry. I need some time for m(ass)e(ffect)
Bioware games
What I say: how can I make a balanced party
What I mean: who wants to come along with my LI and I